Aromatherapy combines the use of essential oils with gentle massage. All the massage moves flow into each other, making the massage like a rhythmic dance.

The term Aromatherapy was coined by Rene Gatteffosse , a French chemist who published the first book on the subject in 1928.

During the second world war, Dr Jean Valnet, a French doctor and army surgeon used healing essential oils with great effect to treat burns.

Essential oils are extracted from single, botanical sources, from the part of the plant yielding the maximum amount of essential oil.

Some oils are easy to extract such as Rosemary and others are costly. Jasmine, like Rose and Neroli are very highly priced due to the large amount of petals required to extract a tiny amount of oil, (thousands of petals to make one drop) and the high labour costs involved in the delicate harvesting of the petals.

The oils all have different healing properties.

During a consultation I am listening to your well- being and tailoring the blend of oils to suit your individual needs.