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Turning Negatives into Postives

Posted by Lynne Collie on Saturday, September 24, 2016 Under: Weekly

I have started this blog post to help anyone who is sensitive, emotionally reacts to ctritism and worries about upsetting others, over thinks things and has a tendancy to worry.

I am the person i have explained above. I now view my sensitivity as a gift. At times  I find the world a very overwhelming place to live in and I worry about things that no-one else would even worry about (sometimes there is nothing to worry about).

Through my blogs I am going to try to show how I have managed to turn my everyday negative experiences into postives.

I have found writing very healing and therapeutic during my recovery from ME. I found writing a daily journal helped place my negative thoughts down on paper and prevented them from going round and round in my mind for days on end achieving nothing except exhausting me.

This week I explained honestly how I was feeling to someone in a conversation and she did not appreciate my honesty.

I had felt very uncomfortable and uneasy in her company (I did not say these words to her verbally). She made me question my abilities and my self-confidence had reached floor level during our time together.

She had questioned why I had been so honest with her. My old self would have not said a word about how I was feeling.

After my conversation with her I wrote an unsent letter to her. I had not slept that night for  wondering if I should have been so honest with her or if I should have chosen better  words. I explained to her in a very gentle way what I was feeling, my tone had been soft and I did not use any harsh words that would upset her.

The learning through this negative encounter for me was that long term is to better for my emotional health and wellbeing to spend my time with happy postive people whom I will look forward to meeting.

I realised in life, you are not going to connect with everyone and it is ok to let them go out of your life without feeling guilty.

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