Fairy Friday

Every Friday I give out a fairy to someone to cheer them up & brighten up their day. I feel there is more positivity needed in the world. I give out fairies to others to let them knowsomeone is thinking of them.

If you would like to be involved in Fairy Friday in your own town, I have included the instructions on how to make a fairy below so you can make a fairy for yourself or pass it on to someone who deserves one. There is also a video on my face book page Your best Foot Forward for those of you who are visual learners

Making fairies is very therapeutic and so is giving to others.

Fairy Friday workshops cost £5 person (you take home all the fairies you make) & take place @ Your Best Foot Forward, 12 High Street, Laurencekirk or at your venue. Please contact me to find out available dates.

Fairy instructions

You will need

1 pipe cleaner

1 wooden bead

1 piece of card

1 button

Glue, a glue gun works best

2 white feathers

1 piece of felt

1.  Cut out the template below and paste on to a piece of card.

        Fairy Template

2. Draw around your template on the piece of felt and cut it out.

3. Fold your piece of felt to form a cone shape and glue with a glue gun (this is the body of your fairy).

4. Cut a pipe cleaner to 7cm and thread your bead through and fold it over at the top and add a drop of glue to secure.

5. Feed the pipe cleaner down through the fairy's body and secure with a little glue.

5.  Glue a button on to the top of the bead for the halo. You may need to trim some of the pipe cleaner in order for the button to lie flat.

6. Glue 2 feathers on to the back of your fairy.

7. Name your fairy and post it on to someone who may need cheered up, to let them know you are thinking of them.

You can email pictures of your fairies to lynne@yourbestfootforward.co.uk, I love seeing all your creations.