Are you stuck because of the Snow ?

How about a Reading by Email ?

Email me a good quality image of your feet and I'll do a reading and email it back to you.

Get someone to help you take two picture as follows :-

Sit down with your feet flat on the floor, and take a photo of the tops of your feet.

Lie down on your bed, and take a photo of the soles of your feet.

See example pics below

Are you seeking guidance in your life?

A Foot Reading may help you seek clarity on issues affecting your life?

What is a foot reading (Solestry)?

Foot Reading (Solestry) is analysing the structure and texture of the foot to understand emotions and personality. By looking at your feet, I am looking at areas of your life where you may wish to make a change. Your feet tell an amazing story about the journey you are on and about your past

A Foot Reading is not a psychic reading.

Rest assured I do not have to touch your feet during a Foot Reading. I look at the shape, colour, texture, lumps & bumps and tell you what they mean, linking to your emotions and personality.

What is the purpose of a Foot Reading?

A Foot Reading is a valuable tool for personal growth, helping you move forward in a positive way by placing your Best Foot Forward.

At the end of the reading, if you wish, I invite you to choose a fairy card to receive a positive message.

I also work with colour, inviting you to choose which colour you need to take in to your life at present, whether it be to wear, ingest or colour your home or workplace.