Migraine & Headache Package

The package consists of 6 sessions which includes wellbeing coaching sessions and complementary therapies tailored to your individual needs where we identify, triggers and causes to find a positive way forward towards achieving more balance in your life.

Looking deep inside at the causes of headache and migraine can often bring about a positive change to your life with a view to reducing the frequency and severity of attacks.

Personally I have lived with the pain of migraine for over thirty years. I understand how migraine and headaches can impact on your enjoyment of life. Thankfully my headaches have now reduced in number and severity by making some positive lifestyle changes, through The Dorn Method treatments, Reflexology Wellbeing coaching sessions, changing my diet, letting go of emotional past issues, reducing stress where possible and doing a Hand Reflexology treatment when I feel a headache coming on.

If you are unable to come in to the centre, wellbeing sessions can be conducted over Skype.