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Ultrasound Direct Babybond Aberdeen

Private Diagnostic Pregnancy Baby Scanning, Women’s and Men’s Health Ultrasound Scanning in Aberdeen.

Ultrasound Direct Babybond Aberdeen's provides high definition diagnostic private pregnancy ultrasound baby scans, Women’s health ultrasound screening and Men’s health ultrasound screening, delivered by a team of highly trained healthcare professionals serving Aberdeen’s local community. Baby scanning services includes 13 comprehensive scans from early scans and NIPT Scans through to 4D baby scans. Whilst the Men and Women’s diagnostic scan range include Pelvic scanning, Abdominal scanning, Stoke screening through to Musculoskeletal scanning.

Appointments are available during the daytime, evenings and weekends. Please visit us to book an appointment online today.

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Justine Fox Photography

Justine is an amazing local New Born Baby Photographer who works from the Therapy Centre.  TO find out more visit her site by clicking here.